How It Works

What is probably causing your foot pain:

Due to processed foods and nutrients being stripped out, we are lacking vital nutrients effecting various parts of our bodies. Inflammation begins to form in the tendons, joints, and muscles, making our feet susceptible, causing all sorts of problems. Foot Ease puts back the necessary vitamins and minerals, restoring you to healthy. 

Tendons start to tighten, muscles stop functioning properly, leading to inflammation that is causing you pain which could be easily avoided with Foot Ease.

Those who are at a greater risk of developing these deficiencies are people who have malabsorption conditions, drink alcohol to excess, are over the age of fifty. Others that can be effected are vegans and women who are taking birth control pills to name a few.

Foot Ease is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals for optimum foot health, Foot Ease gives your feet what they need the most. It eliminates the need for painful surgeries, shots, awkward boots, expensive insoles, and so on. Don’t settle for unnecessary “fixes” that only provide temporary relief when Foot Ease makes it simple with two tablets each day, 3 at the most for all day relief or even in some cases, permanent relief.


  • Significantly reduces pain
  • No expensive, immobilizing footwear
  • No painful surgeries
  • No painful shots
  • No “special” insoles 
  • No bitter tastes or bad odors

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel and arch pain. It occurs when the plantar fascia, the ligament connecting your heel bone to your toes, becomes inflamed, tight and irritated. This ligament consists of fibrous tissue, tendons, nerves, and muscles which run along the bottom of your foot. It maintains the arch of your foot along with a fat pad that cushions your heel as it withstands the force of every step. When this becomes inflamed it causes intense pain in the heel and arch of your foot.

What They Say Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Repeated strain on your plantar fascia causes micro-tears to the ligament leading to increased pain while running, walking, and or bearing any kind of weight to the feet. It most commonly occurs in those between the ages of 40 and 60, adolescent athletes and soldiers who are constantly on their feet. 

 Change Begins With Foot Ease

What you put in your body affects everything. Remove the limits on where you go and what you wear with Foot Ease. High heels, running shoes, sandals. Now you can finally wear them without worrying about foot pain all day.